Eulogy for the victims of a patrician politician

Sorry to rain on everyone’s H.W. parade, but here is my three-part eulogy for one of the most morally despicable presidents of all time:

  1. Sara Boboltz, via Huff Post: George H.W. Bush White House Once Ordered Drug Buy from Teen for Presidential TV Stunt.
  2. Peter Eisner, via Newsweek: Manuel Noriega, the Invasion of Panama, and How George H.W. Bush Misled America.
  3. Wikipedia: The 1991 Uprisings in Iraq.

H.W. also bequeathed to us the American with Disabilities Act, a law that has generated (and continues to generate) enormous and unnecessary amounts of federal litigation. So, excuse me for asking, but why are we celebrating this disgraced politician, who made so many callous and costly decisions?

Image result for invasion of panama

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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