What are they hiding? (JFK Assassination Records Edition)

The National Archives released another batch of JFK assassination records — 1,491 documents in all — earlier this week (December 15), but this batch of evidence still represents less than 10 percent of the more than 15,000 documents that the government is still hiding from us. For additional background, check out this 2015 blog post by Lauren Harper as well as this recent report by Bryan Bender and Claire Rafford. Here is an excerpt from the Bender & Rafford report:

“The disclosure of the 1,491 documents by the National Archives [on December 15, 2021] follows an executive order from President Joe Biden … that establishes a new process for releasing all remaining JFK-related archives, which were originally supposed to be made public in 2017. But Biden also delayed the full disclosure of thousands of additional files for at least another year — and potentially indefinitely if agencies can convince him or his successors that they need to be kept secret to protect national security.” (links in the original; emphasis added)

Note: My previous JFK posts are available here.

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