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The “Bluebook” is a scam

See here. (Hat tip: Brian Leiter.) Update (6/16): If you are unfamiliar with this ugly and time-wasting legal monster, check out Judge Richard Posner’s review of The Bluebook. (Also, appendix 2 on pp. 854-857 of this scathing review contains Posner’s … Continue reading

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Or a “A Rational and Simple System of Legal Citation.” The introduction of my legal citation rulebook is below: “Why are legal citation rules so convoluted and complicated? Suffice it to say that the Holy Grail of legal citation, the … Continue reading

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Good vs Evil (legal citation edition)

The Battle over #BabyBlue: @CJSprigman & @carlmalamud defend access to justice in battle with Harvard Law Review — Matthew Rimmer (@DrRimmer) December 29, 2015 Hey there … We just found out–via James Creedon and Matthew Rimmer (above)–that two of … Continue reading

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The Coase Theorem and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

The John Marshall Law Review or JMLR has just published our paper (with Orlando I. Martinez-Garcia) “Does the Prisoner’s Dilemma Refute the Coase Theorem?” (Our editors were a little behind schedule, as the official citation to our paper is JMLR, … Continue reading

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Why are law reviews so dull, tedious, and boring?

Adam Liptak’s recent report in the New York Times on “lackluster law reviews” is fun to read and highly recommended. Here is an excerpt: Law reviews are not really meant to be read. They mostly exist as a way for … Continue reading

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