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Music Monday

Originally posted on prior probability: More details here.

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Three reasons why Big 3 games are better than NBA games

A new basketball league called Big3 just started its first season in Brooklyn last weekend. Here are three reasons why we like “Big 3 basketball” more than NBA basketball: 1. There is a 14-second shot clock for each possession, which … Continue reading

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Coordination game (seven circle roundabout edition)

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The Turing Test and “Making a Murderer”

In our previous blog post, we applied the concept of “range voting” to jury trials. Today, we will discuss our 2012 paper “The Turing Test and the Legal Process” (published in volume 21 of the journal of Information & Communication Technology … Continue reading

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Theoretical and empirical analysis of airline boarding

We understand why so-called “security” checkpoints at airports are so slow and horribly inefficient? But why are airline boarding procedures (which are implemented by the for-profit private sector) so slow and horribly inefficient? This short video (it’s only two and one-half minutes long) … Continue reading

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Rest in peace; it’s only logical …

The original Star Trek series, which we watched as a child, has always represented the future to us. Now, with the loss of Leonard Nimoy, it is part of our collective past …

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Toys and gender

My wife and I are hoping our daughter Adys Ann (left) will love to play with a creative, science-inspired toy like Lego’s particle accelerator (see film clip above) when she is a little older. In any case, here’s another reason why … Continue reading

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Kanyé West and the Law of Bailments

A bailment is a legal relationship that arises when a person (the bailor) gives personal property to someone else (the bailee) for safekeeping. So, can a bailee use a disclaimer to eliminate or limit his or her legal responsibility to the bailor … Continue reading

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NBA data sets

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Street art

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