1000-piece color puzzle

Australian artist Clemens Habicht has created the beautiful “color puzzle” pictured below, a puzzle containing exactly 1,000 colors cut into a one-thousand piece CMYK color gamut. You can order one here (via Colossal).

Image result for 1000 color puzzle

Hat tip: Cliff Pickover

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4 Responses to 1000-piece color puzzle

  1. Craig says:

    I think it’s interesting that although there may be 1000 colors here — and the square-root of 1000 hues (left-to-right) or about 31 “distinct” hues, at least digitally, our eyes group them into 6 to 8 hues, with a couple of these being definitely minor or sub-hues. It says that the linearity (or geometric progression, as I do not know how this grid was created) of digital color reproduction does not match up well with the unlinearity of our eyes. What would it take, mathematically, to make a color scale that had as smooth a gradient as a sunset?

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