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Was the march for science a waste of time?

Probably. But we loved all the geeky posters and colorful outfits. Special shout out to whoever designed the T-shirt pictured below. 

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Class No. 14 (Mark Zuckerberg’s question)

What question keeps you up at night? By way of example, in the opening scene of the movie “The Social Network,” a fictional Mark Zuckerberg begins by asking, “How do you distinguish yourself in a population of people who all … Continue reading

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Frame of reference (Chinese world map edition)

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Country music awards query

Why don’t award shows reveal the actual vote tallies (not just the winners) when handing out awards? We were bummed, for example, that Luke Bryan did not win the “entertainer of the year” award and that “Dig your roots” didn’t … Continue reading

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Whose meaning? (reply to Solum, part 2)

Note: this is the second in a series of blog posts responding to Larry Solum’s defense of public meaning originalism. In his statement in support of Judge Gorsuch, our friend and colleague Larry Solum identifies four myths or misconceptions about … Continue reading

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Arpanet map (circa 1970)

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For sale: knot pillows; never untied

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