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Puerto Rican Statehood Bill

Since 1898, Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States.  But two weeks ago (12 Feb. 2014), Senators Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) introduced Senate Bill 2020, the Puerto Rico Status Resolution Act, which would … Continue reading

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Time Out for Black History Month

According to David Becker (from the website Jazz in America), the first recording by an all-black band occurred in 1921 when Edward “Kid” Ory and his Sunshine Orchestra recorded the songs “Creole Trombone” and “Society Blues.” Kid Ory had a … Continue reading

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Gran Colombia

The great liberator Simon Bolivar once proposed the creation of the Republic of “Gran Colombia” (see map below), a south-of-the-border constitutional democracy or United States of South America consisting of the modern-day countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador (the same … Continue reading

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Should Afghanistan become the 51st State?

The United States launched “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan in October 2001, and although US forces quickly removed the stubborn leaders of the Taliban from power and shut down the training camps of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, we have … Continue reading

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