Al Jazeera America bets on an American audience for serious journalism

Will this bet pay off?

In any case, prior probability is reblogging this post since we are big fans of Al Jazeera … P.S. we really like AJ’s full-page in the Times:

al jazeera america launch


I’m watching the launch of Al Jazeera America here in DC, on Channel 107*. (No HD in this media market, from what I can tell.) It’s the biggest launch in broadcast media since Fox News, in 1996, and in media since Politico, in 2007.

Goodbye Current TV, hello Al Jazeera America.

It remains to be seen whether Americans will tune into to a 24-hour news channel that is, like Brian Stelter notes in his piece on Al Jazeera America’s approach to the news, something akin to a journalism professor’s dream, with 14 hours of news daily, documentaries and an aspiration to cover all of the U.S.A. Andrew Beaujon wrote a good primer on the Al Jazeera America launch over at Poynter, from its hiring to its talent to the big question about whether people want straight news.

At launch, I’m optimistic about Al Jazeera America’s programming, at least based…

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2 Responses to Al Jazeera America bets on an American audience for serious journalism

  1. MD Powell says:

    They made a horrible mistake with the keeping the name “Al Jazerra” for their American cable network debut. Who thought that would be a good idea!? They immediately lose at least 50% of their possible audience. When everyone I talk to hears that name, all they think of is anti-American news. The ones that televised Osama, gave Al Queda media power, televised American murders by terrorists, etc…. No matter how good this news network seems to be, I won’t watch it. What a slap in the face to any American who knows what Al Jazerra has done in the past. From a corporate and marketing standpoint…….IDIOTS!

  2. Steven says:

    When they begin their big debut by pushing the global warming scam with dedicated propaganda specials — I wont be watching, ever. They should have done some market research. We have been bombarded by this climate change scam through our own government owned networks for years and people have finally had enough. Looking forward to Al Jazeera’s eventual demise.

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