This is what hypocrisy looks like

Who is President Obama to judge Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad? After all, is the Syrian Army’s alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war any worse than the indiscriminate use of such weapons as Agent Orange or napalm by US Armed Forces in Vietnam?

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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2 Responses to This is what hypocrisy looks like

  1. suckmydictum says:

    In order to be seriously outraged by this, I would posit you would have to overcome the following objections:

    1. Chemical weapons were not illegal during Vietnam (the CWC was signed in 1993).
    2. If you’re going to specifically state the hypocrisy is Obama’s and not the US’s in general, you need to contend with the fact that Obama was not making decisions about the use of chemical weapons (or any other ones) during Vietnam.
    3. The fact that I could change your statement as follows, leaving all other things equal.

    “Who is Barack Obama to judge human traffickers? After all, is their alleged marketing in slaves any worse than the indiscriminate use of people as farm tools in the US before the 1860’s?”

  2. enrique says:

    your points are well taken, but the President himself is the one who is emphasizing the long-standing nature of the “norm” against the use of chemical weapons, whereas (sadly) slavery was legal until the Civil War

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