What’s wrong with this map?

That is, what’s wrong with an “upside down” or reverse map of the world? After all, there is no up or down from outer space.

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6 Responses to What’s wrong with this map?

  1. alexswallow says:

    Reblogged this on one swallow makes a summer and commented:
    The first time I saw this a few years ago it really shocked me- just shows how used to certain images we get!

  2. Melissa Valdes says:

    Our minds seeing this image of an “upside down” map may seem odd, but it is more of a realization of what our minds have been conditioned to think and see as a “right side up” map. “Upside down” or “right side up” hmmmm?

  3. Carlos says:

    Saw a video about this awhile back and spent an hour trying to find it!

    I’m sure this will interest you:

  4. enrique says:

    Thank for the pointer

  5. ivasallay says:

    I learned much from this post. Thank you for writing it. Also, Carlos, I am so glad you spent that hour finding that truly awesome video!

  6. daga ice says:

    We should have one thing in mind..We have nothing like an upside down map..there’s no up and down in the Galaxy so we shouldn’t say there’s an up side down map..all the maps are correct…it just depends on the Angle you are looking from..

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