Mr. Monopoly has a Facebook page

Note: this post was revised and expanded during the morning of 26 March 2014.

Did you know that Mr Monopoly — the iconic, mustachioed, round little man in a top hat and coattails who also happens to be the official mascot of the Monopoly board game — has his own Facebook page? It’s not your typical lame corporate website, however. Instead, Mr Monopoly is taking suggestions, inviting people to make changes to his classic game. From Mr Monopoly’s website:

We all know there are many ways to play Monopoly … and they’re not always according to the rule book. Here’s your chance to see your favorite house rule become a part of the Monopoly game!

By the way, is Mr Monopoly’s Facebook page a sign of things to come? Do you expect the makers of the other board games to ask their players directly via the world wide web for rule suggestions? Will the US Congress or the UK Parliament try this method one day? But back to the subject at hand, if you could change any of the official rules of Monopoly, or add a new rule to the game, which rule would you change or add, and why?

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2 Responses to Mr. Monopoly has a Facebook page

  1. Stacey P says:

    Mr. Monopoly having a face book page is a wonderful idea! This allows for customers immediate consumer feedback. So often companies jack up profits due to advertising and research costs. Having a free forum for consumers to give direct feed back to sellers (although I do realize that in the past-and currently consumers can write a letter and send their opinions in “snail mail” — but who ACTUALLY uses snail mail anymore?!). So having a way to lower cost because having a free forum to cut costs is a great idea and other companies following in their shoes is a great idea.
    On to the fund stuff, monopoly is a huge mascot for my family. My parents grew up playing it – hard core- and I have grown up playing it hard core. We print our own money ($2,000 and $3,000 bills) because we usually play for several hours. We also have house rules that have passed down thru the generations.
    I would, and will, ask that Mr. Monopoly add higher increment of case, get rid of the digital game versions (what an illogical way to offend player’s intelligence to count their own case!!!), and add a rule that allows the lucky lander of GO to receive $400 for an exact land.

  2. TheProfessorsWife says:

    PriorProbability I agree with Stacy P that Mr. Monopoly having his own Facebook page allows for immediate consumer feedback.

    This is my absolute favorite game and I love the paperless version which gives you a debit card.

    If I could change one rule I would ask Mr. Monopoly to allow you to go straight into buying a hotel rather than having to buy four houses first.

    If I could change another rule I would ask that you be able to have different amount of houses on one property in a color scheme.

    I like Stacy P’s idea of receiving $400 dollars when you pass go instead of $200 but I can live with that.

    Maybe I can convince my husband and parents to a game of monopoly very soon.

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