Don’t freak out …

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s third (and possibly last) “Freakonomics” book — Think like a freak — is out. It’s a breezy though entertaining mish-mash of assorted anecdotes and sundry stories … and an excellent graduation gift for any 6th graders you may know. Our favorite part of their book was Chapter 2 (“The three hardest words in the English language”), about the advantages of keeping an open mind and of testing one’s intuitions through experiments. We can also recommend Chapter 5 (“Think like a child”), about the advantages of thinking small (i.e. incrementally or at the margin) and of having fun in life (note to the economics profession: that’s what you more empirically-minded guys and gals should be measuring — not “happiness” but rather “fun”). All in all, we enjoyed reading their latest tome (though not as much as the first two Freakonomics books), but alas, we didn’t really learn anything new this time around …

Light and tasty … but not very nutritious

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2 Responses to Don’t freak out …

  1. TheProfessorsWife says:

    Thanks for the review! What type of fruit is that? It looks like a cross between an apple and an orange. Apange? Orrple?

  2. enrique says:

    The hybrid fruit pictured above is the Freakonomics logo that appears on the cover of the very first Freakonomics book … I wonder whose idea it was? (I loaned out my copy of the book to a friend so I’m unable to look it up)

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