“Dallas Killers Club”

That is the title of Nicholson Baker’s excellent review of the conspiracy-theory literature on JFK’s assassination. Here is an excerpt from the opening of Baker’s essay:

There were three horrible public executions in 1963. The first came in February, when the prime minister of Iraq, Abdul Karim Qassem, was shot by members of the Ba’ath party, to which the United States had furnished money and training …

The second execution came in early November 1963: the president of Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, was shot in the back of the head and stabbed with a bayonet, in a coup that was encouraged and monitored by the United States …

The third execution came, of course, later that month, on November 22 …

To the extent the United States government was responsible (either in a legal or moral sense) for the assassinations of Prime Minister Qassem and President Diem, didn’t JFK get a taste of his own medicine?

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