3 in blog years: Sept 3 is 3rd anniversary of errorstatistics.com

prior probability is reblogging the post below and sending a belated “Happy Blog Birthday” in honor of Deborah G. Mayo’s “rag-tag amateur blog” (see below) Error Statistics Philosophy. Although we are currently residing in opposing philosophical camps–Dr Mayo takes a frequentist approach to science, while we aspire to be good Bayesians–we admire Dr Mayo’s work and follow her blog very closely. She always has something important AND non-trivial to say. What more could you ask of an academic colleague?

Error Statistics Philosophy

Where did you hear this?  “Join me, if you will, for a little deep-water drilling, as I cast about on my isle of Elba.” Remember this and this? And this philosophical treatise on “moving blog day”? Oy, did I really write all this stuff?

http://errorstatistics.blogspot.com/2011/09/overheard-at-comedy-hour-at-bayesian_03.html cake baked by blog staff for 3 year anniversary of errorstatistics.com

I still see this as my rag-tag amateur blog. I never learned html and don’t have time to now. But the blog enterprise was more jocund and easy-going then–just an experiment, really, and a place to discuss our RMM papers. (And, of course, a home for error statistical philosophers-in-exile).

A blog table of contents for all three years will appear tomorrow.

Anyway, 2 representatives from Elba flew into NYC and  baked this cake in my never-used Chef’s oven (based on the cover/table of contents of EGEK 1996). We’ll be celebrating at A…

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