Forget 9/11?

We are re-blogging our 9/11 post from last year, which in turn re-blogged Robin Hanson’s eloquent anti-9/11 post. Aren’t public commemorations of 9/11 defeatist and counter-productive, sending the wrong signal to our enemies? Isn’t it time to move on? If not, when?

prior probability

This week marks the 12th anniversary of the terrible events that took place on the morning of 11 Sept. 2001 in the United States … and the 40th anniversary of the terrible events of 11 Sept. 1973 in Chile (see the image below, depicting the moment when Chile’s Presidential Palace was bombed). The Republic of Chile has since become a prosperous constitutional democracy. What has the US government accomplished in the 12 years since 9/11?

prior probability is also reblogging this thought-provoking post by Robin Hanson at Overcoming Bias:

<< In the decade since 9/11 over half a billion people have died worldwide. A great many choices could have delayed such deaths, including personal choices to smoke less or exercise more, and collective choices like allowing more immigration * * * Yet, to show solidarity with these three thousand victims, we have pissed away three trillion dollars ($1 billion per victim), and trashed long-standing…

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  1. The Professor's Wife says:

    Yes can we please forget 9/11. The US got its first Black President. The US accomplished bringing home the troops. The US accomplished not much else. LOL. We still have a lot to do in the wake of the the Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin killings. We have a looooonnnng way to go.

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