Why did the N.Y. Times drop Joe Sharkey’s travel column?

According to this report by the excellent Jim Romenesko, it’s because some evil hack at the New York Times decided to slash the paper’s already paltry budget for freelance writers. Although Sharkey’s column had been published every Tuesday in the business section of the Times for the last 16 years, no one–not even Joe Sharkey himself–saw this coming. (Why didn’t the Times use this opportunity get rid of David Brooks or Charles Blow’s utterly predictable and unoriginal columns instead?) Am I the only one mad at the Times for dropping Sharkey’s Tuesday travel column and for eliminating the weekly profiles of frequent fliers to boot? Now the “Itineraries” section is completely lame and irrelevant. Thanks New York Times. You managed to alienate one of your last faithful print readers …

You can now add the Times’s “Itineraries” section to this list.

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