Grade the Professor

As we approach the midpoint of our Summer Session, we would like some voluntary feedback from our amazing students. It’s your chance to “grade the professor,” so to speak, so if you have a moment, please address one or both of the following questions in the comments section below:

1. What grade would you assign the Professor.

2. What do you like the most about the Professor’s business law course? What do you like the least, i.e. what would you like the Professor to do differently?

Anonymous feedback is welcome. 

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13 Responses to Grade the Professor

  1. anonymous says:

    1. B
    2. Assignments are fair and easy

  2. Katie Dicintio says:

    I love how the class is organized and easy to take being that I am taking this class at home (3 hours away).

    I know there is easy credit given by attending class, I wish there was a way for students who couldn’t attend class due to long distance a chance as well.

    Awesome class, very interesting. I loved the book, and love how you relate law topics to Facebook (something we are all so familiar with).

  3. anonymous says:

    1. A
    2. I enjoy how the course is laid out and does not just revolve around a normal “boring” textbook, I feel as if I am actually learning and using knowledge from normal day to day events. I think that there should be another option offered for extra credit for those who cannot attend lectures, UCF makes them lecture capture for a reason, and it is not fair to those who physically cannot attend the lectures.

  4. Tu Truong says:

    1. A
    2. I enjoy this class. Assignments are very fair for everyone.

  5. Maria says:

    1. A
    2. I love the unique, low pressure, almost conversation-like approach to teaching the content and using something very relevant as a case study!

  6. Liz says:

    1. A
    2. I really enjoy how the law topics have been related to a reasonably current event – we can follow the creation of Facebook and the legal implications a product/service goes through before becoming a reality. I do wish, however, there was a way for the students that are unable to attend class to also receive extra credit. I like the variety in the assignments and quizzes – it keeps the course and material fresh – and makes you a approach the learning process differently for each assignment.

  7. says:

    1 A
    2. I really enjoy how the class is set up and the extra credit makes you want to come to class knowing that if you do you won’t have to worry about the term paper at the end of the semester, The class is interesting as well it not like we go in there and sit for 3 hours listening to something pointless like I had in other classes. This is actually interesting useful information, and the fact that there are no tests takes the stress of and allows you to focus more on the information rather than memorizing useless definitions.

  8. Amanda says:

    Great attitude about the work. Given the quicker pace during a summer session, I like how he set up opportunities for us to succeed. I also feel like I’ll take away more from this class due to the current events and real life situations to relate to. Another thing that I liked was how the reading the professor assigned was segmented up, it’s motivating to me when a professor tells me exactly what’s important in the text so that I don’t feel like I’m just reading for “busy-work.” There’s nothing that I didn’t like in the course.

  9. Anonymous says:

    1. A
    2. I love how passionate the professor is about business law and how he frames the material around real world events, so it is easy for us to comprehend. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, and I feel honored to have a professor of his pedigree. I wish he taught more classes.

  10. Gavin says:

    1.) A’s across all boards.

    2.) Love the class, easy to follow, course content is on point and not unbearable for a fast paced summer course. Opportunities for extra credit are great and I do my best to make it to every class because the professors engagement in person is a lot more beneficial than watching from behind a screen. Readings from the book are intriguing and keep you drawn in. Although the class is shortened and gives a brief overview of business law, I’d definitely be interested in taking more advanced courses pertaining information like this. Being in my 5th year of college, going through a few majors, and being in my second college, this professor has been the most clear and concise I’ve ever seen.

  11. Andrea says:

    1. A’s
    2. He is so passionate about the subject and makes it very interesting. He provides so much insight and makes easy to understand.

  12. Jake says:

    A, The class excels because it uses a case study instead of the usual just read out of the book format. Not only this, the class is very fun due to the animated nature of the professor. I love the fact that the class works to fit into the confines of everyones actual working life outside of academia which is a critical success in my book

  13. Laura says:

    A- meaning way above average. I love how enthusiastic and passionate the professor is about the subject. I also love how the professor is really interested in making you understand every topic and not just in making you read every single page of a boring textbook.

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