Visualization of world’s most spoken languages

Proportional Pie Chart of the World’s Most Spoken Languages [2000x3261]

hat tip: unord, via reddit

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3 Responses to Visualization of world’s most spoken languages

  1. CHCollins says:

    I like maps. I am curious whether this map (its major borders anyway) could have been drawn entirely (and accurately) with smooth continuous curves with no 3-vertex intersections, and awarding extra points if language areas were also geographically positioned. I must say I am surprised at the prevalence of Korean, about the same as German.

    • Good points. Aside from the size of each language area (reflecting the number of language speakers of that language), I’m not certain if the spatial placements in this map are just arbitrary or randomly-generated.

  2. jecgenovese says:

    Reblogged this on peakmemory and commented:
    Good reason to keep learning languages!

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