Strategic dating

Roy Lugasi and Hod Gerlitz co-founded a new dating app called Weepo that allows users to monitor the male-to-female ratio at a bar or nightclub. According to this fascinating report by James Covert, writing for the New York Post, “The big idea … is mainly to cut short the prolonged chats that have long plagued other dating apps—ending, too often, with no date at all. ‘With all those other apps, you have to go through a conversation where it takes two or three days to meet up,’ [Roy] Lugasi told The Post. ‘With this app, you’re practically guaranteed to meet somebody tonight.'” In other words, finding someone to date is a time-consuming task. Most dating sites don’t really reduce the search costs of dating by much because finding a match on a computer or smart phone does not substitute for going out on a date. Thus, from an economic perspective, the main purpose of a dating app like Weepo is to significantly reduce the search costs of dating by actually bringing like-minded users together in the same place in one step. For what it’s worth, we also found this statement of interest from the N.Y. Post story: “’A lot of girls are going to the more high-end clubs’ like Tao, No. 8 and Marquee, which typically require stiff drink prices and steep covers, according to [Hod] Gerlitz. Young guys, meanwhile, gravitate toward no-cover bars—particularly those with cheaper drinks.”

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