Why is English the official language of Florida?

We totally understand why such insignificant states like Idaho or Nebraska might want to enact such insular and small-minded legislation. But California and Florida …? 

Hat tip (via Reddit): wildeastmofo

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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11 Responses to Why is English the official language of Florida?

  1. CHC says:

    My only surprise is that the official language of Texas is not Texan.

  2. jecgenovese says:

    I notice that the ’80s seems to be the modal decade for the enactment of these laws. Also, do you know what the English-plus designation means?

    • Ah, the Eighties! I wonder if “English plus” is the idiomatic equivalent of “first among equals”!

      • Mary Fitzpatrick says:

        English plus is exactly as it states. Alaska has English and 20-some Inuit languages as their official language(s). Hawaii has English and Hawaiian as their languages.

  3. Danny M. Rosabal says:

    Español should be a Co-Official to FL, The highest population is Hispanic Origin people and it’s History and do to having the first colony that were of Spanish, Spanish always remained strong in this state after being bought, i don’t know to get a petition or make a vote for this but i would say The Florida State or as the original name “La Florída” should make a impact on it’s people, It would be wise for the State Of Florida

    • That’s a great point. Florida was once called “La Florida,” and the Spanish language is an important part of Florida’s heritage.

    • Denny Vee says:

      I disagree. The official language should stay that way for Florida, as does the majority of states do. Spanish people, or ANY other people should learn English if they expect to make the United States their home. Just as anyone moving to any other country, should make THAT language their first spoken.

  4. Danny M. Rosabal says:

    60% of people Speak Español, 20% Bilingual, 10% English and 5% other

    Florida highest language for centuries is indeed Español by far as i know it and it’s origin, i have read the constitution and i would vote for Español. The people if Florida i believe have the Rights to have this opportunity, I have gone by Miami and FL most parts and i had interviewed even Non-Hispanic origin everyone seems to vote for Español as either Co-Official or Official, This was a personal Interview i done randomly, I hope people will hear my comment and actually Bring this to be known and report to people, USA is a Union and as i read history it is Legal by State and Law it can indeed be granted

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