Twitter: random knowledge generator

As a follow up to a recent series of blog posts by our colleague and friend Eric Posner (see: “Twenty theses about Twitter” and “Twitter is a slot machine composed of humans“), we would argue that Twitter is mostly just a repository of memes and wisecracks. But at the same time, Twitter can be an excellent “random knowledge generator.” In particular, if you are selective and strategic about who (whom?) you follow, then Twitter can be a great place to discover new ideas. By way of example, here are three links we found scrolling down our Twitter feed today (8 July):

1. Modelling fish stocks by Murray Bourne, via @mathematicsprof.

2. Undefined behavior in 2017 by Pascal Cuoq and John Regeher, via @CompSciFact.

3. The myth of the apolitical Montaigne by Robert Minto, via @PhilosophyMttrs.

Image result for twitter meme generator
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