Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism

Routledge has published a new handbook of libertarian theory; see book cover below. Unfortunately, the book is way too expensive, but our friends and colleagues at The Volokh Conspiracy have posted the following summaries of select essays published in the handbook:

  1. Christopher Freiman, “Libertarianism, Selfishness, and Public Goods” (our review of Freiman is here)
  2. Richard W. Miller, “Learning from Libertarianism: Thanks from an Unrepentant Social Democrat” (our review of Miller is here)
  3. John Thrasher, “Libertarianism and Contractarianism” (review of Thasher here)
  4. Ilya Somin, “How Political Ignorance Strengthens the Case for Libertarianism” (review of Somin here)
  5. Javier Hidalgo, “The Libertarian Case for Open Borders” (review of Hidalgo here)
  6. Jessica Flanigan, “Libertarianism and Medicine” (review of Flanigan here)
  7. Thomas Mulligan, “Libertarianism vs. Meritocracy” (review of Mulligan here)
  8. Fabian Wendt, “Libertarian Property Rights and the Lockean Sufficiency Proviso” (review of Wendt here)
  9. Ryan Muldoon, “Reasons to Tolerate” (review of Muldoon here)
  10. Jahel Queralt, “Economic Liberties are also the Liberties of the Poor” (review of Queralt here)
  11. Hillel Steiner, “Free Markets and Exploitation” (review of Steiner here)
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