Overview of Chapter 5 of ASU

Before we jump into Chapter 5 of Anarchy, State, and Utopia (ASU), let’s look at the overall structure and organization of this chapter. In brief, Chapter 5 is simply titled “The State” and is divided into eight separate subsections as follows:

  • Prohibiting Private Enforcement of Justice (pp. 88-90)
  • “The Principle of Fairness” (pp. 90-95)
  • Procedural Rights (pp. 96-101)
  • May the Dominant Agency Act? (pp. 101-108)
  • The De Facto Monopoly (pp. 108-110)
  • Protecting Others (pp. 110-113)
  • The State (pp. 113-118)
  • The Invisible Hand Explanation of the State (pp. 118-119)

So, Chapter 5 promises to explain the origins of a state’s monopoly over the use of force. Without further ado, then, we will begin our review of this chapter later today …

Image result for the state nozick

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