Overview of Section 1 of Chapter 7 of ASU

Let’s resume our extended review of Anarchy, State, and Utopia (ASU), shall we? Since we’re now ready to jump into Chapter 7, let’s begin by taking a look at the overall structure and organization of this chapter. This chapter is titled “Distributive Justice” and is divided into two sections. Section One contains eight separate subsections as follows:

  • The Entitlement Theory (pp. 150-153)
  • Historical Principles and End-Result Principles (pp. 153-155)
  • Patterning (pp. 155-160)
  • How Liberty Upsets Patterns (pp. 160-164)
  • Sen’s Argument (pp. 164-166)
  • Redistribution and Property Rights (pp. 167-174)
  • Locke’s Theory of Acquisition (pp. 174-178)
  • The Proviso (pp. 178-182)

Here, Nozick is going to present his “entitlement theory” of justice. Because of meetings and other commitments we have today, we will jump into Nozick’s entitlement theory tomorrow …

Image result for the state nozick

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