Assorted Links (Philosophy of Hacking Edition)

Below are five essays and articles discussing various ethical aspects of hacking or the ethics of teaching how to become a computer hacker:

  1. Loyd Blankenship (a/k/a The Mentor), The Conscience of a Hacker (8 January 1986),  available here, via
  2. Ellen Nakashima & Ashkan Soltani, The Ethics of Hacking 101 (7 October 2014), available here, via The Washington Post.
  3. Nicole Radziwill, et al., The Ethics of Hacking: Should It Be Taught? (2015), available here, via arXiv.
  4. Eric Steven Raymond, How to Become a Hacker (2001), available here, via
  5. Marcia J. Wilson, Is Hacking Ethical? (24 March 2004), available here, via Computer World.
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