May Readings

Updated on 5/10: With summer recess around the corner, here is a partial list of what we will be reading this month (we say “partial” because we’re always reading a mix of new and old things):

1. Randy Kozel’s new book on the doctrine of stare decisis in constitutional cases: Settled versus Right (pictured below). We will be posting our review of this book on this blog in the days ahead. (Hat tip to Professor Larry Solum for recommending this excellent book to us.)

2. Mark Edelman’s recent law review article “Standing to Kneel” on the right of NFL players to protest the national anthem. Since we (tentatively) agree with President Trump that kneeling during the national anthem is disgraceful, we want to read an opposing viewpoint and then update our priors accordingly. (Disclaimer: Professor Edelman is not only an expert on sports law; he is also a friend and a close colleague, so we can’t wait to read his piece.)

3. Robert Schlaifer’s classic work on “Probability and Statistics for Business Decisions,” published in 1959. We kept seeing references to Dr Schlaifer’s textbook in the works of the late great Jimmie Savage, so we purchased a first edition of Schlaifer’s book and began reading it last summer. Since our mission is to make the law more Bayesian, this tome is a must-read for us.

4. The second edition of Deirdre McCloskey’s classic work on “Economical Writing.” Hat tip to Maria Bach (@mvsbach) for bringing this short reference book to our attention via Twitter. McCloskey is one our favorite three economists (along with Ronald Coase and Tom Schelling), so this is a must-read for us.

5. “The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy” by Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber. This short book offers a damning critique of the existing “time management” literature, so we could not resist adding this work to our growing list of May readings.

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