Overview of Section 2 of Chapter 7 of ASU

Let’s pick up where we left off: Section 2 of Chapter 7 of Anarchy, State, and Utopia (ASU), which contains nine separate subsections as follows:

  • Rawls’ Theory (p. 183)
  • Social Cooperation (pp. 183-189)
  • Terms of Cooperation and the Difference Principle (pp. 189-197)
  • The Original Position and End-Result Principles (pp. 198-204)
  • Micro and Macro (pp. 204-216)
  • Natural Assets and Arbitrariness (pp. 213-216)
  • The Positive Argument (pp. 216-224)
  • The Negative Argument (pp. 224-227)
  • Collective Assets (pp. 228-231)

Here, Nozick will engage in mano-a-mano combat with his intellectual nemesis: John Rawls. Yeah, baby!

Image result for the state nozick

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