Taxonomy of parking garage layouts

Hat tip: @chenoehart

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2 Responses to Taxonomy of parking garage layouts

  1. Craig says:

    I’ve wondered about this. We seem to have at least 4 of these 6 designs here in town. But I think the “3-Bay Double Tread Helix” has to be one of the most annoying layouts ever — this is (close appoximation to) the design of the Duke Medical Circle parking garage in Durham NC. Calls for a lot of driving, and there may be spaces on the “exit” side of the layout that you can’t easily get to, even if you spot them from afar, unless you commit yourself to the “exit” side of the garage. And then this facility reserves the first several decks for employees instead of patients. I’ve never been able to park lower than the fourth deck. Thank you for allowing me the chance to vent.

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