Road trips

If you could take only one road trip in your life (assume a fixed budget of $2000 USD or 2000 euros for either trip), which one would you prefer: (a) Seattle to Boston or (b) Lisbon to Moscow?

Hat tip: u/ttoxicite

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9 Responses to Road trips

  1. I would choose Lisbon to Moscow. Being able to go through multiple countries sounds complex, risky, dangerous and exciting all rolled into one. Plus as an american, i feel like we would say the europe road trip bc we know what driving on the interstate highway system is in the continental United States. But that’s just me.

  2. I would choose Lisbon to Moscow. Being able to drive through Europe sounds fun but could also be risky since you are travelling to different countries with different driving laws and customs. While the familiarity of the U.S. Road is nice, I think the opportunity to go through (what looks to be) Northern Europe and see the exquisite fauna in Europe (in the summer time at least).

  3. Jack Carson says:

    I would choose Lisbon to Moscow. The idea of seeing nature and the driving tendencies of a whole continent I’ve never been to before sounds risky, complex but exciting and adventurous. It would be the savy equivalent to backpacking across a continent that would take less physical strain on the body. I wouldn’t pass up this Northern European road trip being an American that has seen how others drive on the interstate!

  4. Kathy H says:

    Lisbon to Moscow!!! Europe is amazing and so different from the US. It would be exciting, interesting, different. The greatest risk may be knowing which side of the road to drive on and driving on narrow winding streets where you have to watch big mirrors to see what is coming around the corner. But experiencing the sites, customs, people would far outweigh the risks. Hopefully, you experience a different perspective of the world.

  5. Abogada Guerra says:

    Libson to Moscow with my hubby and daughter ❤

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