The old man as book sculpture

The last entry in this visual survey of “The Old Man and the Sea” is not a cartoon or a painting; it is a small metal three-dimensional book sculpture manufactured by Fascinations, Inc., a toy company located in Seattle, Washington. This company manufactures do-it-yourself models containing parts cut from 4-inch square steel sheets under the “Metal Earth” trade name. Their “Old Man & the Sea Metal Earth” model, which you can purchase here via Amazon, is a three-dimensional sculpture that simulates the motion of the waves and depicts the struggle between Santiago and the giant marlin. The sculpture also reproduces text from Hemingway’s novella. The front side of the packaging of the OMAS book sculpture is pictured below:

Image 9a. Metal Earth book sculpture (2017)..jpg

This small metal sculpture is based, in turn, on original “book art” created by the Pennsylvania-based artist Jodi Harvey-Brown, who alters old books and gives them a second life by making beautiful sculptures out of their pages. Below is a picture of Ms. Harvey-Brown’s book art for “The Old Man and the Sea”:

Image 9b. Jodi Harvey-Brown book sculpture (2017)..jpg

Our last few blog posts have surveyed a wide variety of artistic visualizations of “The Old Man and the Sea,” including Noel Sickle’s two-tone illustrations for the original publication of Hemingway’s novella in Life magazine, Raymond Sheppard and C. F. Tunnicliffe’s beautiful black-and-white drawings and cover art for the first Reprint Society London edition of Hemingway’s masterpiece, Guido Scala’s full color comic book, Corban Wilkin’s graphic novel, and Jodi Harvey-Brown’s original book sculpture (pictured above), among many others. The timeless characters, events, and themes in “The Old Man and the Sea” deserve no less.

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