A modest proposal for ending partisan gerrymandering

Lots of people like to complain about partisan gerrymandering. One problem with all these complaints, however, is this–what would a non-gerrymandered voting district look like? Given this problem, here’s our tentative solution: instead of relying on State legislatures to draw up the voting districts in their respective States, why not create such districts based on the area code zones already in use in each State? Consider the State of Texas, by way of example. Currently, there are 27 Congressional districts and 21 area codes in Texas. So, why can’t we just overlay 21 of these districts on the pre-existing area code zones, with the remaining six members of Texas’s House delegation chosen at-large (State-wide)?

Image result for congressional districts texas

Image result for area code map texas

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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