Christmas break reading

Alas, my Christmas break ends early this year (I resume my teaching duties on Monday, Jan. 6). In the meantime, here is a subset of what I have been (or will be) reading over the holiday season (in addition to the readings in my ongoing legal progress lit review):

  1. Vitalik Buterin, Quadratic payments: a primer. Given my interest in non-binary voting methods, this primer is a must-read for me.
  2. Tyler Cowen, The epistemic problem does not refute consequentialism. This 2003 paper defends the ethical theory of moral consequentialism. Because I have criticized consequentialism in many of my previous posts (including my review of Professor Cowen’s book “Stubborn Attachments,” I want to give Cowen’s defense of consequentialism a fair hearing, so to speak.
  3. Duke Law & Technology Review, Symposium for John Perry Barlow. The Duke Law & Technology Review recently published an entire issue devoted to the ideas of Barlow (pictured below), who died last year. When I began teaching my cyberlaw seminar in the early 2000s, I would always assign Barlow’s influential essay “Selling wine without bottles,” which invited us to rethink the concept of property rights in the Internet age, so it is only fitting that I revisit Barlow’s influential ideas about technology and their relation to law.
  4. David Epstein, Range: why generalists triumph in a specialized world. This book has popped up on various blogs and Twitter feeds that I follow, so I have added it to my reading list.
  5. Samuel G. B. Johnson, et al., Belief digitization: do we treat uncertainty as probabilities or as bits? Because of my interest in probability theory and all things Bayesian, this paper is a must-read for me. (Hat tip: Tyler Cowen.)
  6. Pauline Kleingeld, On dealing with Kant’s sexism and racism. It turns out the great Kant was himself a horrible Kantian! How should we make sense of this moral contradiction?
  7. Eric Schwitzgebel, Jerks, zombie robots, and other philosophical misadventures. I have already read a draft of this beautiful book and will be writing up a review in the days ahead.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year …

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