It’s on!

Updated 4/30: More rapid chess please! Today (April 30) is the last preliminary round of the Magnus Carlsen Invitational. The Semi-Finals begin tomorrow (May 1). #chess #magnusinvite

prior probability

Who needs the NBA playoffs or Major League Baseball? More details about this new chess tournament are available here (via David Hill). Updated 4/24: see links below. 

  1. Day 1 (4.18): Carlsen vs. Nakamura | Firouzja vs. Ding Liren
  2. Day 2 (4.19): Caruana vs. Nepomniachtchi | MVL vs. Giri
  3. Day 3 (4.20): Carlsen vs. Firouzja | Nakamura vs. Giri
  4. Day 4 (4.21): Nepomniachtchi vs. MVL | Ding Liren vs. Caruana
  5. Day 5 (4.22): Caruana vs. Carlsen | Firouzja vs. Nakamura
  6. Day 6 (4.23): MVL vs. Ding Liren | Giri vs. Nepomniachtchi
  7. Day 7 (4.24): Carlsen vs. MVL | Firouzja vs. Caruana

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