Sex and the market (review of Atlas Shrugged, part 3)

As promised, I am re-posting part 3 of my 2018 review of “Atlas Shrugged” here. Also, I will re-post my final thoughts and make a modest proposal soon …

prior probability

We have been exploring the most original ideas and insights contained in Ayn Rand’s cult-classic Atlas Shrugged, such as the depiction of Robin Hood as an anti-hero and the comparison between trademarks and coats of arms. But to us, the single-most original and surprising idea by far in this epic story occurs on pp. 453-455 (Part Two, Ch. 4) of Atlas Shrugged, during a conversation between two of the leading protagonists of the story, the incorruptible North American industrialist Henry “Hank” Rearden and the mysterious Argentinian copper heir Francisco d’Anconia, who both are in love with the same woman, the heroine Dagny Taggart. (As an aside, check out the different Dagny Taggart visualizations below.) During this dramatic meeting in Francisco d’Anconia’s suite in the Wayne-Falkland Hotel–their second careo or face-to-face encounter in the story–, d’Anconia explains to Rearden the close connection between sex and ethics:

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