Syllabus for Advanced Topics in Law

I am teaching a course on “Advanced Business Law Topics” in the fall. Here is a link to my new syllabus (updated again on 8/24). Instead of assigning a textbook, I have decided to devote each class to a particular legal or ethical puzzle, beginning with the blue bus problem from the law of evidence. My first classes are scheduled for the week of 8/24, and I will be blogging in depth about each one of these legal and ethical puzzles every Friday during the upcoming fall semester, starting on 8/28. For now, the top half of page 2 of my three-page syllabus is pictured below. (Memo to WordPress: I absolutely hate this new “Block Editor” feature you have imposed on me; what you used to take make a few seconds to accomplish now generates several exasperating minutes of bewilderment.)

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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    I have just added a 13th movie my Advanced Topics syllabus: the 1944 film noir “Double Indemnity,” considered to be the best film noir of all time. As an aside, the reason I waited to add this movie to my syllabus is that I did not watch it until last night, but as it happens, this motion picture is directly relevant to the blue bus problem the my students and I will be discussing next week in our second class session. (Although I had recorded “Double Indemnity” when it was screened on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on August 1st, I had intentionally waited until the night of August 25–my birthday!–to watch this classic movie.)

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