Why I am voting for Jo

Jo Jorgensen, that is! First and foremost, because she is Libertarian; secondly, because she is the smartest candidate in the field; thirdly, because my remaining choices are just so terrible; and fourthly, because I don’t like being told what to do, especially by faux-libertarians. Any questions?

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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6 Responses to Why I am voting for Jo

  1. After much deliberation I decided to vote for Jorgensen. I was tempted to vote for a write-in ( which is possible due to Burdick v. Takushi).

    Upon the realization that there would be a extreme small number of like-minded voters in that possibly non-existent coalition. I decided to tow the party like. While not perfect she is a vast upgrade from Gary, and better than the two clowns running for the major parties.

    While my one vote is inconsequential. I just hope those in the Independent camp join us , out of sheer frustration with the mainstream candidates. Such coalition is unlikely due to voting for a third-party being perceived as a wasted vote.

    • 100! Let’s see if see gets more votes than Gary (fingers crossed).

    • Alas, I know seven States are still not reporting results, but it looks like Jo did terribly compared to Gary. Nationwide, Jo obtained 1.5 million votes; Gary, 4.4 million.

      • Gary also had more name recognition. Considering that was his second time running for POTUS.

        The other problem being many people avoided voting third-party. Firmly believing the results of this election was a contingency of an existential threat ( as absurd as that sounds). The hysteria from both camps really demonstrates a awe inspiring amount of naïveté, confusion, ignorance, and pure manipulation. All of the voting mobilization and presidential campaigns mirror blatant propaganda that was drenched in empty promises.

        I was pressed by Biden supporters to not vote for an LP candidate. Like hell I am going to believe or condone the plethora of lies and false promises “ sleepy Joe” has told over the course of his campaign and excessively long tenure in public office. Bryan Caplan is absolutely correct in referring to both parties as “moral equivalents”. Making such dire appeals to vote for either candidate laughable and vexing.

        Have the American people always been this gullible or is this a recent phenomenon. I am pretty sure regardless of who wins live goes on.

    • The Don Quijote in me was hoping Jo would win 10 million votes, especially given how bad the mainstream candidates are, but I am happy I voted my conscience…

      • I didn’t expect to win considering how pervasive the propaganda campaigns were. Back in 2016, I predicted Trump would win. No, I did not support him, but intuitively had a suspicion that his populous appeal would give him an edge over Hillary. This time around considering even prior to any numbers released, believe Biden has this one.

        Voting on principle is a lonely road to walk. Actually, it is more in-line with rolling a Boulder up a hill (Sisyphus). However, I would rather take the road last traveled by and retain my dignity. However, the party does need to filter out some of the goofy candidates out by natural sorting. Characters like Vermin Supreme (of course the LP of MA & NH endorsed this clown)and James Weeks only makes thing more difficult for the party.

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