Or a “A Rational and Simple System of Legal Citation.” The introduction of my legal citation rulebook is below:

“Why are legal citation rules so convoluted and complicated? Suffice it to say that the Holy Grail of legal citation, the The Bluebook, is over 500 pages long, while the third edition of the competing Redbook style manual requires over 650 pages. For their part, the supposedly simpler and user-friendly Indigo Book tops out at 201 pages, while the ALWD Citation Manual contains 400 pages of complicated rules. Why don’t we abandon these confusing citation systems once and for all and start from scratch? The purpose of any citation system is to enable one’s readers to quickly identify one’s sources for future research. Since the existing rules of legal citation no longer serve this essential purpose, we propose an ‘anti-Bluebook’ consisting of the following simple and rational system of citation rules ….”

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 7.18.48 AM

About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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