Election-dispute update: rejection rates of mail-in ballots in Georgia

Alternate title: Was Trump robbed in Georgia? Maybe, but check your math!

Check out this report from Georgia’s Secretary of State, especially the extended excerpt below:

The rejection rate for absentee ballots with missing or non-matching signatures in the 2020 General Election was 0.15%, the same rejection rate for signature issues as the 2018 General Election.

2,011 absentee ballots were rejected in the November 2020 election for missing or non-matching signatures out of 1,322,529 absentee ballots cast. In November 2018, 454 absentee ballots were rejected for missing or non-matching signatures out of 284,393 absentee ballots cast. The 0.15% rejection rate for signature issues was the same in both the 2018 and 2020 General Elections.

In the 2020 Primary, 3,266 absentee ballot were rejected for missing or non-matching signatures out of 1,151,371 absentee ballots cast, a rejection rate of 0.28%. The lower rejection rate in the general election compared to the primary is likely the result of both parties attempting to help voters cure their absentee ballots pursuant to the process set forth in Georgia statute.”

In other words, the rejection rate was almost twice as large during the June 9 primaries than during the November 3 general election, even though much fewer votes were cast during the primaries. At the same time, even if the mail-in ballots had been rejected at the higher rate during the general election, Joe Biden would still have won this contest by around 10,000 votes. (This analysis, however, leaves out the other close States that Biden won: AZ, MI, NV, PA, and WI*.) Maybe the problem is with the “winner-take-all” nature of our current Electoral College system: the winner of a given State contest receives all of that State’s allotted electors even if his margin of victory is razor thin. Why not allocate the electors on a pro rata basis or on the basis of congressional districts, like Maine and Nebraska do? Either way, the full report from the Secretary of State of Georgia is available here. Hat tip: Jonathan Adler.

*Via Andrew McCarthy (National Review), here is an analysis of Trump’s vote fraud lawsuit in Wisconsin, the only one of these fateful Trump cases to be heard “on the merits.”

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