Is John Rawls overrated?

Probably–after all, Rawls’ “reflective equilibrium” concept is pure philosophical nonsense, and the inferences he draws from his “original position/veil of ignorance” thought-experiment are unsound. (If you disagree, ask John Harsanyi.) Nevertheless, in honor of what would’ve been Rawls’ 100th birthday (21 Feb. 2021), the Boston Review just published ten new essays to commemorate the occasion. Also, my colleague Larry Solum honors the late Rawls here.

Image credit: The Philosopher’s Shelf

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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3 Responses to Is John Rawls overrated?

  1. I personally have never been a fan of Rawls. I suppose he was influential.

  2. It’s my impression that Rawls mistakenly doesn’t consider liberty and equality to be irreconcilable principles but rather principles which could coexist given that a properly formulated blueprint for mixing the two is diligently followed. In other words, Rawls is another classic case of a high-minded idealist whose hubris ultimately ran roughshod over his ability to reason correctly.

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