Surprise, surprise: the establishment lied to us again

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and reflection, so let’s reflect on this: media bias and social media censorship. Remember when journalists propaganda agents at Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post reported that the Russian military was paying bounties to the Taliban for killing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan? Wikipedia does. The lamestream media (print, TV, cable, and online) over-hyped this story, while Twitter (and now LinkedIn!) was censoring reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop. (Not to be outdone in the censorship game, Facebook is busy censoring this story as we speak.) Well, now it turns out this entire bounty story was bullshit, after all (see here, for example)! So, what else have they lied to us about?

Students for Trump - Lamestream Media Goes Easy On Sleepy Joe! | Facebook

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4 Responses to Surprise, surprise: the establishment lied to us again

  1. Erle Robinson says:

    And Foxnews and Tucker Carlson are paragons of truth and honesty

    • It’s not just left leaning media outlets that are guilty of tainting the news with bias. Fox news is equal to CNN in my book.

      Then again, it stands to question if unbiased reporting is even possible. News reports are ultimately filtered through another person’s interpretation of events. Meaning some degree of bias is always implied. It is difficult to separate objective fact from the individual’s interpretation of events.

      I personally believe there is little value in watching any network news programming. If you truly want to be informed read books or peer-reviewed papers. Televised news is complete rubbish. Regardless of the outlet.

  2. Reblogged this on prior probability and commented:

    A few days ago I asked, “What else have they (the lamestream media) lied to us about?” I am now re-blogging that post because it turns out the media also lied to us about the cause of death of Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Hill police officer who died under mysterious circumstances on January 6, 2021. At first, the media told us he was killed by members of a pro-Trump mob. Now, we are being told a different story: that Officer Sicknick suffered a stroke on that day and died from natural causes.

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