Friday funnies: how to tie a tie

Hat tip: @pickover

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When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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2 Responses to Friday funnies: how to tie a tie

  1. CHCollins says:

    My son moves into a new house and tells me that he had to re-wire his clothes dryer, so that the three-prong plug on his dryer would fit the four-prong outlet in the new house. Alarm bells go off in my head, as one cannot just “invent” an extra electrical conductor to fit the situation. My son was offended by my concern, as he had watched a You Tube video on how to handle this situation. After much hand-wringing and correspondence with my daughter-in-law about what the situation was — and after I watched a YouTube video myself — I finally conceded that he had done the correct thing and they were not going to get electrocuted running the dryer. I think I could make a lot of money if I started “Dad Tube.”

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