Let her run!

I am reblogging my previous post on this subject in order to call bullshit on the USA Track & Field (USATF)’s vindictive and overzealous (and perhaps racist–see below) decision on Tuesday to take Sha’Carri Richardson, the fastest woman on Team USA, off our national team’s roster for the upcoming Olympics. (For the record, here is the USATF’s terse and totally unimaginative official statement.) Put aside the fact that marijuana is a legal substance in the State of Oregon, where the track and field Olympic trials took place last month. Here is my solution to this stupid predicament: Since the samples of Ms Richardson’s drug tests were collected on June 19, then why can’t we make her 30-day suspension retroactive to June 19th? The Olympics don’t start until July 23. I hate to play the race and gender cards here, but I have to ask, If Ms Richardson were a white male, would this disgraceful and unjust outcome have been allowed to happen? A further irony is that June 19 is now an official holiday in the United States meant to celebrate freedom and independence: Juneteenth.

prior probability

You may have already heard that track and field star Sha’Carri Richardson (pictured below) has had to apologize for testing positive for marijuana. (If not, see here or here, for example.) But truth be told, this is absolute and unmitigated bullshit because the wrong person apologized for this unfair situation. Simply put, it is the US Olympic Committee (Team USA) that should be apologizing to Ms Richardson and to her fans and that should be taking all necessary steps to allow her to compete in the 100 meter dash at the upcoming Olympics!

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2 Responses to Let her run!

  1. CHCollins says:

    People of color who add color to their color are viewed as particularly dangerous by colorless establishment power-brokers. Whatever they need to do to keep the different down, they do.

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