Helping Haiti

In response to Tyler Cowen’s recent post “Is Haiti governable right now? (at all)” — spoiler alert: his answer is “no” — I want to ask a different and more pragmatic question: What would be the best way to help the people of Haiti given their ongoing constitutional crisis? Without further ado, here is my modest proposal: Instead of another short-term or ad hoc “solution,” such as military or economic aid, why not think big and invite Haiti to become a U.S. State instead of (or in addition to) D.C. or Puerto Rico? The Congress has the exclusive power to admit new States into the union, so Congress could enact a joint resolution inviting Haiti to become the 51st State, subject to approval by the people of Haiti in a “yes” or “no” referendum. This idea may sound crazy, but hear me out: although Haiti is poor, she would have a lot to offer the USA in terms of art, culture, language, and religion (think of Louisiana, but even more awesome!); furthermore, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2019), there are over one million Haitian Americans living in the United States (see here), almost 10% of Haiti’s population (see here, for example). #HaitianLivesMatter

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