Reflections (part 11 of n)

Alternative Title: Welcome to Central Florida!

I described in my previous post the circumstances surrounding my decision to relocate to Central Florida. Although this decision was a difficult and painful one, it turned out to be the right call in my case. To the point, I was able to turn things around in short order and get my professional and private lives back on track:

  1. Teaching. Although I had to start my academic career from scratch, I resumed my teaching duties at the business college of a reputable public research university, and as an added bonus, my salary went from x to 2x, and I have made many new scholarly friends.
  2. Research. My “Bayesian conversion” occurred in Central Florida, and I have written my most important work since re-locating here, including my 2014 paper “Gödel’s Loophole,” which has been downloaded over 7,000 times and now has its own Wikipedia page! (See here.)
  3. Private Life. My children ended up relocating to Central Florida as well and excelling in school. Moreover, I eventually met the love of my life, and we have been happily (for the most part!) married since 2012.

I most certainly have a lot more to say, both good and bad, about my post-Puerto Rico life in Central Florida and about each one of these categories, and I will do so in a second series of reflections in the near future …

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About F. E. Guerra-Pujol

When I’m not blogging, I am a business law professor at the University of Central Florida.
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