Twitter Tuesday: hypothetical question edition

I pick Jean-Michel Basquiat and Ernest Hemingway.

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7 Responses to Twitter Tuesday: hypothetical question edition

  1. Call me a pessimist; however, I wouldn’t grant another fifty years to any creative talent. I wonder and find it highly dubious that a high performing artist could sustain the quality of their work indefinitely. I would rather cherish what the individual has contributed to culture rather than witness a decline in quality. Whether it be from flawed artistic aesthetics or limitations due to age.

    I will admit this perspective is kind of self-centered. Although, we all have a band or musician that we really liked who didn’t know when to quit. Their subsequent work ended up being an embarrassing caricature of their marquee caliber albums.

    • Case in point: Orson Welles!!

      • Precisely. I could also name a plethora of Classic Rock bands that should have quit while they were ahead. That might be superfluous and the list would be self-evident.

        I think other genres such as Jazz, I haven’t notice the same degree of deteriorating quality over the course of a musician’s life. I love the work of Miles Davis; to be honest, what he created in his lifetime is enough for me!

        Bitches Brew and Sketches of Spain (the brass section in of itself was extremely compelling) alone are marvelous!

        Then again, my observation maybe highly contingent on the medium of expression.

      • good points re: music, but in the realm of philosophy and political economy, I would have loved another 50 years of David Hume or Adam Smith!

      • I also believe that deep philosophic ideas tend to age better than most forms of contemporary art, music, literature, etc.

        Point taken! I would take another 50 years worth of work from Smith, Hume or just about any other brilliant thinker.

  2. crea8ive53 says:

    The clear answer is, if I get to choose, then myself.

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