Why did it take so long to declassify this 9/11 document?

On Friday (9/10), on the heels of our disgraceful surrender in Kabul, President Joe Biden signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice and other federal agencies to declassify documents related to the FBI’s investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Here is the first 9/11 document to be declassified. Alas, the document is still heavily redacted (what information is our government still hiding from us?), but it confirms that two of the 9/11 terrorists received material support from an unidentified official attached to the Saudi Consulate located in Los Angeles, Calif. (my hometown!). Was this Saudi official a rogue agent, or was he acting under orders of the Saudi Government? Either way, it looks like George W. Bush, a war criminal who should be hanged, ordered the invasion and military occupation of the wrong country.

Note: I will resume my review of Jack Balkin’s “How to regulate (and not regulate) social media” paper in the next day or two.

White House's release of declassified 9/11 documents may implicate Saudi  royal family - The Canary C

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