Is politics a branch of moral philosophy?

I will resume my in-depth review of Robert Nozick’s magnum opus on Monday morning; in the meantime, I want to share two remarkable sentences from page 6 of Anarchy, State, and Utopia and one of my favorite Nozick quotations of all time:

Moral philosophy sets the background for, and boundaries of political philosophy. What persons may and may not do to one another limits what they may do through the apparatus of the state.

Is Nozick right about this? Is politics a branch of moral philosophy? What about law?

American Institute for Economic Research on Twitter: ""How much room do  individual rights leave for the state?" Happy birthday to Robert Nozick!  Harvard University professor, American libertarian philosopher, and author  of 'Anarchy,

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  1. Conjecture on my end , however, politics= applied ethics (or lack thereof). Law= a natural Corollary of political decision-making. More so a byproduct or consequence of politics.

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