Works Citing Gödel’s Loophole

My 2013 paper “Gödel’s Loophole” reconstructs the story of Kurt Gödel’s purported discovery of a logical contradiction in the U.S. Constitution — there are multiple versions of this story; Part 2 of the paper revisits them all. Part 3 of the paper then attempts to decipher and reconstruct the content of the discovery itself, while Part 4 concludes by offering a simple criterion (self-reference) to distinguish between “Gödelian” and “non-Gödelian” constitutional contradictions. Since its initial publication, the paper has generated its own Wikipedia page (see here) and has been cited by at least ten other scholars. Below is a listing, in alphabetical ordering, of the authors who have cited my paper; I will be reading their works and replying to them in due course …

  1. Ben Abramowitz, Ehud Shapiro, & Nimrod Talmon, “How to Amend a Constitution? Model, Axioms, and Supermajority Rules,” arXiv:2011.03111 (9 Nov. 2020).
  2. Sergio Bianchi, “Matematica e cognizione giurisdizionale,” Diritto Pubblico Europeo-Rassegna online, Vol. 2 (2020), pp. 1-27 (in Italian).
  3. Stephen Budiansky, Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt Gödel, Norton (2021).
  4. Anuj Das Gupta, “Looking for the Soul in Satoshi’s Work,” Crypto Law Review (Mar. 28, 2019).
  5. Sebastian Kubas, “Globalny nieład demokratyczny–współczesne perspektywy,” Studia Krytyczne, Vol. 5 (2017), pp. 14-47 (in Polish).
  6. George Mader, “Generation Gaps and Ties That Bind: Constitutional Commitments and the Framers’ Bequest of Unamendable Provisions,” Howard Law Journal, Vol. 60 (2016), pp. 483-517.
  7. Yaniv Roznai, “Towards a theory of unamendability,” NYU School of Law, Public Law Research Paper #15-12 (2015).
  8. Yaniv Roznai, Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Limits of Amendment Powers, Oxford (2017).
  9. Valeria Zahoransky, “Modelling the U.S. Constitution in HOL,” Doctoral dissertation, BSc thesis, Freie Universität Berlin (2019).
  10. Valeria Zahoransky & Christoph Benzmüller, “Modelling the U.S. Constitution to Establish Constitutional Dictatorship,”, Vol. 2632 (2020).
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