The game North America needs right now

Who cares?

Via Tumblr (circa 2014, emphasis added): “Last Man … is a game of deliberate media/knowledge avoidance, invented by … Kyle Whelliston. Its full name is ‘Last Man in America to Know Who Won the Super Bowl‘.” The official rules of this crazy game are below the fold:

  1. Rule 1. The object of this game is to avoid, for as long as possible, learning a) the winner and b) the final score of the Super Bowl. This data is called The Knowledge.
  2. Rule 2. Don’t flee the country. Leaving America means immediate disqualification.
  3. Rule 3. Always play honestly.
  4. Rule 4. If you receive information that might constitute The Knowledge, but you aren’t certain (e.g., if someone might be “messing with you” by telling you a false winner or score), you can opt not to believe the uncertain information and keep playing. However, if it turns out that the uncertain information was correct, the game’s end point is retroactive to when The Knowledge was, in fact, known.
  5. Rule 5. Nobody ever wins. It’s a game you play against yourself, so it always ends in a loss, eventually.

More details are available here. Any takers?

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