Plus ça change …

plus c’est la même chose. (“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”) Eighty-five years ago today (9 March 1937), President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered one of his famous “fireside chats” via radio–the one in which FDR defends his then-unpopular and ill-fated “court-packing” plan. For your reference, here is the original audio recording of FDR’s court-packing chat, or if you prefer, here is the full text. Hat tip: Josh Blackman. PS: While we’re on the subject, see also this short but excellent paper titled “Court Packing Is a Chimera” by my colleague and friend Brian L. Frye.

Lesson Plan: Basic High School / "FDR and the Court-packing Controversy" |  The Supreme Court Historical Society

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